Jedi Master Jack Okason of the Alpha Omega LegionEdit


Name: Jack Okason

Born: B.B.Y.3678 on Tython at the Jedi Academy

Status: Jedi Master for AO Legion

Jedi Class: Consular

Weapon of Choice: Double-bladed Blue Lightsaber

Biography: Jedi Master Jack Okason was born into the Jedi Order from day one. A group of Jedi were surveying the world of Tython in the Deep Core when Jack Okason was concieved. His parents would later die in the combat against the Sith Empire in the Great Galactic War in the early stages leaving the young padawan familyless. At an early age Jack Okason rose through the ranks of the Jedi Order becoming one of the youngest Jedi Masters and tactioners within the Order.

The Jedi Master not only leads the AO Legion but also a group of dedicated Galactic Republic officers that become part of his Fleet when he entered the war. The Jedi Council was a little skiddish on giving him command of a fleet much like Revan did amost 300 years earlier in the Mandalorian Wars but so far he has not fallen to the dark side.