Name: Jack James Okason Aka "Jack Jack"

Date of Birth: 24 April 2361

Age: 46

Race: Liberated Borg/Human

Species: Betazoid (before assimilation)

Rank: Int-fadm

Position(s): Fleet Admiral/Director of Advanced Technologies

Assignment and Location: Alpha Omega Legion Starfleet Command, Starbase 31

Awards: 19255

Battles: 31062192621926421829



Biography: Born in Little Italty New York on Earth in 2361. Jack James Okason is the son of a Human Male and a Betazoid female. He is one of 5 siblings being the 3rd oldest. His other brothers and sisters include: Michael Jack Okason, Samiya Susan Okason, Susan Samiya Okason, James Michael Okason.

Jack Okason followed his older brother michael while michael was serving on the USS Indepedence out near Deep Space 9 before the dominion war erupted in 2377 at the age of 16. During the course of his stay on the Indepedence he helped out the crew in day to day operations of the ship as a provisional ensign when his brother was injured in a training exercise on the ship. During the latter half of the year the Independence was attacked by Dominion forces at the start of the Federation-Dominion War in the Gamma Quadrant. The Independence was severely crippled in a suprise attack several light-years from Deep Space Nine near the Bajor. The Independence was dead in the water and being attacked from all sides. Provisional Ensign Jack Okason was severely injured in the attack after destroying most of the dominon ships in the vicinity of the Independence when his console exploded near him.

After Federation reinforcements including a Hospital Ship the USS Indy arrived to reinforce the Independence a Lady Q escaping the Q Continuim beamed aboard the Independence near the triage center on the Independence where the young ensign was being treated. This Lady Q one Sashe Sarapina, saved the ensign before he could die.

Several years later in the Gamma Quadrant after completing starfleet academy and recieving a commission rank of Lieutenant for his actions in the Dominion War was ambushed yet again in the Gamma Quadrant by Hirogen Forces. His ship the USS Independence was destroyed and him and his survivors mostly a female contingent from the bridge were stranded on a system simply known as Omicron by the computer and being hunted by Hirogen forces. It is here that him and his female contingent were able to kill a battalion of hirogen at what would be later known as the Battle of Bloody Ridge. Several other surviving members of the USS Indepedence would be found although Lieutenant Jack Okason would be the only surviving senior member of the ship. The captain, the first and second officer were killed either on planet side or in space when the ship was destroyed. Out of a crew of 1,545 only 241 survived the battle and another 143 were killed or missing durign the Hirogen hunt. At the end of the entire ordeal Lieutenant Jack Okason and his female contingent would be rescued several weeks later when a federation battlegroup destroyed the blockade of the planet they were on. For his actions and heroism Jack James Okason was promoted to Captain and command of the new ship the USS Armageddon a Defiant NX Ship being serviced. His female contingent he saved during the time on Omicron would later serve as his senior staff following their return to earth space dock.

In 2404 after being promoted to Vice Admiral. Vice Admiral Jack Okason and his flagship the USS Armageddon-A would return to the Gamma Quadrant to pay respects to the dead in and around Omicron. It is here that the ship comes under attack by Borg forces, not wishing to have his entire crew assimilated by the borg the Admiral ordered his crew to abandon the ship whle he piloted the ship in an attempt to distract the borg while they hid on the planet below. His senior staff would not leave under penalty of court marshal and were subsequently assimilated by the borg, the armageddon however was not and crashed on omicron. The surviving crew members of the armageddon got the ship working and returned to earth to tell about the borg and to launch a rescue operation that would bring the vice admiral back 2 years later.

During his stay as a borg drone "Jackal" of Borg as he was known assimilated countless worlds and countless beings. Along with his senior staff and a new member simply known as One of Two by her designation would not be liberated until 2406 while their sphere was in the Gamma Orionis sector of space on a scout mission for the borg. It took close to 1 year for the admiral to fully recover from his borg encounter in which during this time the admiral was promoted to Fleet Admiral and took over the command of the Alpha Omega Legion, a group of starfleet officers that are a rapid response fleet for anything that might come arise in the Federation.

Ships under Fleet Admiral Jack Okason Command:

U.S.S. Archer


U.S.S. Armageddon-A


U.S.S. Berlin

U.S.S. Chupathingy

U.S.S. Freedom

U.S.S. Indepedence

U.S.S. Iroquois

U.S.S. Legion (Fleet Flagship)

U.S.S. Freedom

U.S.S. Tokyo